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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Now I'm a little late on the Blog bandwagon so you'll have to excuse the mish mash of posts until.we are up to date.

Training actually started about 6-7 weeks ago.

I've never done a triathlon so didn't really know where to look or start but knowing the 3 main elements being swim, bike and run it was obvious what was needed.

I already had a 'road bike' of sorts that I'd bought about 13 months ago. It was a basic starter road bike, steel frame, 14 gears - it was essentially a learner bike.

I'd been doing a bit of running in an attempt to lose a few pounds and get a bit fitter but not with a specific goal in mind. By no stretch was I ready to even consider taking part in any event.

Now swimming, I've always been a good swimmer but not excellent at freestyle. So that needed some work.

Over the first few weeks things got a bit out of sync. There was no structure and no real discipline to the training. It was clear I needed a plan and help!

So step up our good friend Google. A few keystrokes and I was already to take part in a triathlon training programme. Like everything though it needed tweaking to fit around family, work, life etc. But over time the training became more structured and disciplined and I started to see improvements.

I'm not gonna break down each section here I will do an article on each element over the next few days.

There are many more updates on training and support to come.

I suppose the aim of the article is to let you all know that I've started and it's going well! Please keep an eye open for more updates as they roll out over the next few days.